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Making sure you are comfortably covered by insurance is pertinent to your security. Especially in the state of California, there are a variety of terrains that require specific coverage specialized to the location. At Murvay Insurance Services, located in Aliso Viejo, CA, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are covered for all of their individualized needs, with the best coverage options and rates available.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a requirement in every state, with minimum liability coverages that vary from state to state. With the increase of smart cars and high tech features, the financial risks of an accident grow more with every technological advance. Murvay Insurance Services is committed to providing you the security of indemnity to mitigate your personal liability, and specialize in unique and customized automobile insurance coverage.

Home Insurance

Owning a home provides a major sense of accomplishment, but can also open you up to new risks and liability. For most people it is their largest financial asset and requires the largest financial risk coverage. Murvay Insurance Services provides expert advisors to lead you through to process of ensuring you, your family, belongings, and home are provided proper coverage to give you security and peace while you enjoy your dream home, whether you own a house or condo, or rent.

Life Insurance

Providing for one’s family after they have transitioned from this Earth is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you love. Murvay Insurance Services can guide you through your individualized needs to give you security and comfort that you can ensure your family will not suffer financially throughout the grieving process, and can focus on their health and healing. We are happy to provide you with coverage that meets your custom needs in life, and provide for your family long after you’ve gone.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies provide excess coverage for those with home and auto insurance, and can be extremely beneficial to those with excess liability risk. An umbrella policy covers you in emergencies for a broad range of possible financial risks, and will give you additional security beyond typical home and auto liability limits.

Commercial Insurance

Being a business owner can bring a sense of control and authority to your life, but also opens you up to increased risks. Whether your company is just starting out, growing big, or already established and successful, Murvay Insurance Services can ensure you are financially covered, and able to keep your business running in the chance of a catastrophic event. From providing worker’s compensation, to missed earnings and wages during the reconstruction time, Murvay Insurance Services are here to provide you with the comfort and security that it will take more than a disaster to put you out of business.

Whatever your insurance needs are, reaching out our agency is a great option for any California resident. Our agents are here to help you better understand your insurance needs and discuss all of your policy and coverage options. Reach out to our agents to get a quote or try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.