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Boat/Watercraft in California

At Murvay Insurance Services, Inc. of Aliso Viejo, CAlifornia, we can help insure your boat or watercraft. Boat/watercraft insurance protects you, your passengers, and other people as you have some fun on the water. Boats/watercraft should always be insured in case of bodily injury, damage, or theft. Let’s discuss the insurance options offered in California.

Do I Have to Insure My Boat/watercraft in California?

In California, boat and personal watercraft insurance (PWC) are covered under boat insurance. Boat insurance is only required in Arkansas and Utah but is highly recommended. You may need insurance if you:

  • Use your boat as loan collateral
  • Dock your boat
  • Need towing
  • Need boat replacement
  • Cover items attached to your boat
  • Need liability coverage

What Counts as a Boat/watercraft in California?

  • Boats
  • Personal Watercraft (PWCs)
  • Jet boats
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Houseboats
  • Pontoons

What Type of Insurance Do I Need for a Boat/watercraft?

A boat/watercraft may cause an accident that harms you, your property, or someone else’s property or person.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you in case your boat/watercraft injures another person or someone's property. Remember, accidents do happen.

Boat Coverage

You should insure your boat/watercraft to help with repairs and maintenance. Boat coverage may include:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive (non-collision-related accidents)
  • On-water towing
Uninsured Coverage

Since boat insurance is optional in Aliso Viejo, CAlifornia, the chances are high that others on the water may not have insurance to help pay for accidents or damages to your own boat/watercraft; uninsured coverage can help pay for property damage or bodily injuries for anyone on your boat/watercraft.

Murvay Insurance Services, Inc. will help you find the best boat/watercraft insurance policy for you. Reach out to our agents to get a quote. Boat/watercraft insurance will help keep your days on the water sunny and smooth. Stop by our office in Aliso Viejo for a more personal experience!

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