What do I need to know about Commercial Claims?

When it comes to making insurance claims for businesses, many people think they can just make a claim when a loss or catastrophe occurs and wait. However, there are certain things these business owners need to know, so they won’t be blindsided. There are some different details to be aware of with commercial insurance claims than there are with regular insurance claims. This is especially true when it comes to living in some states like California. Thus, the following include certain things you should know about concerning commercial claims when you live in Newport Beach, CA or other areas in the state of California:

1. Deductible 

You must pay this before the insurance agency will pay the claim. 

2. Loss of Control and Prevention

Loss control services are usually implemented into a higher premium account of higher risk as part of the total insurance package.

3. Other Information Concerning Premiums

To lower your premium, there are various things to do for a greater modification allowed that will lead to a better claims experience. Having a top-notch insurance agent will guide you with this.


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