Should You Get Commercial Insurance for Your Home Business?

A home business needs insurance protection just as much as any other business. Your home or renter’s insurance, however, isn’t designed to cover your home business needs. At Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA, we offer customized commercial insurance coverage for home-based businesses, enabling you to get the exact protection you need. What type of insurance protection does your home business need?

  • Commercial Property – If your business requires the use of business equipment like a computer, printer or fax machine for daily operations, property insurance will protect these items against theft or damage due to fire, vandalism or other disasters. Your homeowner’s insurance protects your personal goods, not business property. With commercial property protection, you can invest in your business without worrying about financial loss.    
  • Liability – If you host business clients in your home, you could be held liable for accidental injuries or property damage they may sustain while on your property. Your home insurance won’t cover liability claims related to your home business. Commercial liability covers business-related liability claims and protects you against lawsuits if a client decides to sue for damages.   

If you offer professional services such as business accounting or financial consulting from your home, professional liability coverage can protect you against claims of negligence in the services you provide. 

If your home-based business involves production or distribution of products, product liability can protect you against injuries or property damage a faulty product may cause to a customer or seller.

  • Commercial Auto – If you use your personal vehicle for delivering products or visiting clients, you’ll need commercial auto insurance to protect your business against accidents that may occur during working hours.

To learn more about home-based commercial business coverage for your Newport Beach, CA enterprise, contact your Murvay Insurance agent today.