Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

Home insurance is a necessity for everyone who owns a home. No homeowner should ever be without it for even a day. If you are about to buy a home, you need to get a home policy into place right away. Whether you’re buying a home or want to change insurance agencies for your policy, you can call us at Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA to get started. 

Protection for the Home

There are many types of protection that you get with a home insurance policy, and dwelling protection is one of the most important. This covers the dwelling and will pay for the repairs when a covered damaging event happens to the home. Repairs can be costly, and many homeowners would have a hard time paying for them without the help of a home policy. It can even pay for rebuilding if your home is destroyed. 

Protection for Belongings

It isn’t just the investment you’ve made in your home that you need to protect; it’s also the investment you’ve made in your belongings. With home insurance, the items inside your home are also covered by the insurance. A covered damaging event that destroys your belongings could be tough to pay for without a home policy. With a policy, it will pay for you to replace your items. 

Liability Protection

Home insurance also protects your liability in case someone gets injured in your home. This is also important because you could be responsible for high medical bills after an accident. You need this coverage for financial protection and peace of mind.

Cover Your Home

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Insure your California Home Against Wildfires

Wildfire season seems to be both regular and alarming for modern California. While we can’t always control nature, we can take charge of doing our best to keep our home safe and family protected during this time. Murvay Insurance serves Newport Beach, CA, and wants to provide you with some safety tips for your home this fire season. Check out these ideas inspired by California’s Department of Insurance.

Structural Fire Safety

Make sure your home is safeguarded from fire. You can add many fire-safe features to your structure, such as a fire-resistant roof, ember-resistant vents, and non-combustible exterior wall bases. In addition to providing fire protection, these retrofits can often help reduce your insurance premiums as part of a comprehensive home insurance policy with wildfire coverage.

Landscape Fire Safety

Dried-out plants and wooden debris are essentially kindling to a wildfire. Don’t feed the flames. Instead, learn how to create a fire-resistant zone around your home and outbuildings. Clear combustible materials for at least 30 feet from your physical house. Trim trees, cut back trailing vines, and tear down that old rickety shed. In addition to reducing fire danger, you might also gain the added bonus of increased curb appeal.

Community Fire Safety

Communities are safer with a dedicated fire and emergency plan. Make sure your community understands the clear paths to evacuation in the event a fire approaches. Work with city, county, and forestry officials to minimize fire risk through cleanup events and reduce fire hazards such as backyard pits or fireworks. Utilize a system of volunteers to help lead efforts should an evacuation happen.

Review your fire insurance and make sure your policy is up to date. Contact Murvay Insurance serving Newport Beach, CA today!

Will Home Insurance Cover Structures Not Attached to My House?

When most people think of their home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the main structure, the house itself. However, in insurance, the home is far more complex than a single structure.

California homeowners often ask themselves what exactly their home insurance covers. Murvay Insurance can help them answer that question and any other questions related to home insurance.

What is covered by home insurance?

The primary type of homeowners policy sold in California has two main sections divided into several sub-categories. The first section can be thought of as the property coverage section. The second section covers liability. We will focus on the property coverage section to answer the question of detached structures.

What is covered by property insurance?

This section has two sub-categories: Dwelling and Other Structures.

Dwelling coverage is designed to protect your home from damages that may occur due to a covered peril. Covered perils include fire, lightning, windstorm, and hail. They also have certain types of vandalism.

Note: Some companies do not cover all of the example perils listed above. Always pay close attention to the exclusions that are listed in your policy.

Other Structures coverage is designed to protect your other structures not attached to your home. Things considered Other Structures include fences, sheds, outbuildings, and guest houses. These structures are protected against the same perils as your home. However, Other Structure’s coverage typically limits a certain percentage of your home’s coverage.

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Home Insurance Do’s and Dont’s

Protecting your home means more than just installing a security system and locking up at night. A solid home insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect the investment you have made. At Murvay Insurance, serving Newport Beach, CA, we can help you better understand this vital type of coverage. Keep reading to learn about some home insurance do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of. 

Do Compare Rates

It would be best if you spent some time comparing the rates of different companies. This will be an essential long-term expense that you will invest in. You will want to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

Don’t Settle For General Coverage Amounts.

When you are ready to purchase a home insurance policy, you should know that there are both generic and customized coverage amounts. A general coverage amount will include a benefit amount that would equal the expense of repairing or replacing your home should it be lost or damaged. However, this amount of coverage will not consider the value of your personal belongings or anything of value on the property.

You will want to sit down with an insurance agent to get customized coverage. This professional can help you calculate the value of the belongings and upgrades that may have been done to the home.

Do Install Security 

Installing a security system could help you save on home insurance costs. The more you make sure your home is safe, the less of a risk you are to the insurance company. 

Don’t Let Insurance Lapse.

It is imperative that you always make payments on time to not experience a lapse in coverage. 

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California Home Insurance – What You Need To Know About Home Insurance

California is a beautiful place to live with picturesque beaches and sunny weather almost year-round.  Armed with this information, home insurance would most likely be the last thing on your mind.  Who needs it?  It never rains here!  What could possibly happen to the house?  These questions and more are normal for those debating whether to get home insurance or not.  One thing to keep in mind, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, there is always a calamity that could happen to your home.  Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA offers many options for home insurance and other insurance needs.

California may seem like the perfect locale to own a home with minimal rain and storms and warm weather year-round in the southern half.  However, there are catastrophic events that are unique to California and the two biggest are earthquakes and landslides or mudslides.  Many times, these two go hand-in-hand when powerful earthquakes strike and mudslides follow afterward.  Florida has a somewhat similar climate, albeit with a tropical slant to it, but even Florida is not without issues of its own with the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.  The overall point to this is that there is no “perfect” place in the world to live in without the threat of damage to your home from an event.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance can cover catastrophic events from storm damage to floods to mudslides and earthquakes.  You may need to possibly add earthquake, mudslide, and flood coverage to your home insurance policy on a rider during your initial sign up for home insurance.  Having coverage against these possible outcomes is the best peace of mind that you can buy.

More Information

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Home Insurance Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

If you have acquired a new home in Newport Beach, CA, home insurance is the next best investment to consider. While home insurance isn’t required by law, it can save you enormous losses when the unexpected occurs. 

Unfortunately, understanding home insurance can be challenging, especially for new homeowners. Thankfully, you don’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out where to start. Murvay Insurance is here to share basic facts that you must know about your home insurance plan.

Know what it covers

Do you understand what your home insurance covers? It’s very crucial to know what you are paying for. This way, your claim process becomes seamless when a covered peril strikes. Typically, your home insurance covers your property and its contents. Besides, it provides liability and loss of use coverage. However, check your policy document to see what is covered by your policy.

Know home insurance exclusions

Just like it’s crucial to know what home insurance covers, it’s equally vital to understand what it excludes. This information enables you to know what endorsements you can purchase to boost your policy. Generally, typical home insurance excludes damage from floods, earth movement, intentional acts, government actions, war, pest and mold infestation. 

However, the list is just a guide. For extensive information, refer to your policy document. 

Take inventory of your assets

You may assume that you don’t own valuable belongings, but you may be surprised after an inventory count. Go from room to room, basement, attic, and closets to take stock of everything you own. An inventory count is pivotal when insuring your contents and when filing a claim. 

Consider endorsements

If your home insurance doesn’t cover specific risks that could be troublesome to you, consider “riders” or “floaters” to boost your policy. For instance, you must add a flood insurance policy to your home insurance coverage if you live in a flood-risk area.

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Things home insurance won’t cover

Your home insurance is a lifesaver. It protects you against many perils, ranging from theft, fire, vandalism, riots to numerous natural calamities. However, as you rest easy knowing that you will file a claim for every catastrophe, there are perils that your typical home insurance policy won’t cover. Therefore, just as important it is to know what your home insurance covers, it’s equally paramount to know what’s not covered. This way, you won’t be in for a surprise when filing a claim. 

To that end, Murvay Insurance of Newport Beach, CA, shares problems that your home insurance doesn’t cover. 

Certain natural disasters

One of the biggest blunders you can make is assuming that your home insurance protects you against all natural disasters. For example, while your home insurance will cover you against hail, lightning, and other natural disasters, typical home insurance doesn’t cover flood and earthquake damage. 

With this in mind, if you live in locations where earthquakes and floods are frequent, you need stand-alone coverages to protect your home. 

Water damage: It’s tricky here

Water from floods isn’t the only headache you have to deal with. While home insurance covers your home against water damage from busted pipes and leaking roofs, some types of water damage are typically excluded.

For instance, if heavy storms, debris, and malfunctioning sump guards cause water backups through sewers, any damage arising from water damage isn’t covered by your typical home insurance. 


Home insurance expects you to maintain your home properly. As such, any neglect won’t be covered. For instance, if you fail to turn your heat on and a pipe bursts due to freezing, your claim could be denied. 

Normal wear and tear

Home insurance safeguards you against accidental problems such as a tree falling on your house or an electrical mishap that causes fire. However, home insurance won’t cover deterioration of your home resulting from regular wear and tear.

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Why is home insurance important?

Ever wonder why you need home insurance and why it’s important? Put simply, a home insurance policy can cover the cost of loss or damages for your home. Home insurance helps with the cost of those repairs, which may be from natural disasters, vandalism, or theft. A home insurance policy can also cover property liability and guest injuries, depending on the plan you choose based on your personal wants and needs.

Home insurance policies can include fire insurance, renter’s insurance, as well as coverage in case of a flood and tornado, or other natural disasters. There are a variety of home insurance policies that you can combine depending on your home type and where you live. Natural disaster coverage and liabilities vary by state, so make sure to get in touch with an agent in your area. If you are in the Newport Beach, CA area, Murvay Insurance can put together the perfect policy for you and your insurance needs and customize your coverage based on your needs.

Having a full-coverage home insurance policy equals peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Proper home coverage takes the “what-if” out of many real-life situations, meaning you can get back to enjoying your life. Thinking ahead is always important, especially when it comes to your and your family’s wellbeing and belongings. Home insurance policies can potentially help you with legal fees, as well as cover your expensive and irreplaceable keepsakes and items, so they are worth considering.

Murvay Insurance is serving the Newport Beach, CA area, and are prepared to cover all of your home insurance needs and questions. Give the office a call to find out more about your home insurance policies and options!

5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Disasters

With natural disasters on the rise, it’s important homeowners be prepared at all times. Make sure your home insurance is up to date and provides the protection you need against disasters. Here are a few more tips from Murvay Insurance on how to prepare your Newport Beach, CA home for disasters.

Fortify Your Abode

Keep up with home maintenance that will fortify your dwelling against disasters. This includes your roof, windows, exterior doors, and garage door. An old roof or outdated windows increase your risk of interior damage from severe rain, wind, or hailstorms.

Survey Landscaping

Survey your landscaping to see if large trees or other structures pose a threat to your home in a disaster. Find a safe place to store lawn furniture, potted plants, garden decor, and kids’ toys to avoid these becoming projectiles and causing damage to your home.  

Create an Evacuation Plan

Become familiar with potential disasters that can strike your area and create an evacuation plan for handling each. Your plan should include where to meet in the event you get separated from other family members, a safe location where you can stay, and how you’ll stay in touch.

Pack a “Flee Bag”

Sign up for emergency alerts on your cell phone to receive updates on potential disasters. Have a “flee bag” with basic essentials and important documents ready to go to expedite your escape in a disaster.  

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

If you plan to shelter in place, make sure you have emergency supplies. This includes bottled water, non-perishable foods, medications, first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, and a portable radio. Keep your cell phone fully charged to communicate with emergency crews or family members when needed.

For the home insurance coverage, you need to protect your Newport Beach, CA home against disasters, contact Murvay Insurance today.

Insuring Your Newport Beach Home

It’s hard to explain the Southern California lifestyle to those in other parts of the country. Still, Newport Beach, CA is an iconic destination point for those wishing to visit the area.  For homeowners who call this beach community home, purchasing home insurance from a trusted insurance broker is the key to protecting your property and protecting your investment.  Here at Murvay Insurance, we make insuring your Newport Beach, CA home easy, so you can leave that house and enjoy the southern California lifestyle.

Insuring Your Newport Beach, CA Home

Home insurance is your buffer against a host of liabilities.  To begin with, a property liability policy will cover damage to your home owing to a range of reasons.  However, you will want to sit down with our Murvay Insurance agents to discuss specific coverage, and whether a standard policy will cover your needs. 

A dwelling policy protects your home against damages caused by the ravages of Mother Nature.  This policy will help you repair your house, should it be damaged.  Typically speaking, flood and fire insurance requires a separate home owner’s policy, and we can certainly make sure that you have the coverage you need in either of those events.

Finally, a comprehensive home insurance policy will protect you against liability claims should someone get hurt or injured on your property.  This coverage will pay for resultant medical expenses as well as any legal fees you might incur if an injured guest decides to sue you and your family.

Contact Our Friendly Team at Murvay Insurance

If you have questions about protecting your Newport Beach, CA property, we have friendly insurance agents looking forward to answering those questions, so you can make the most informed decision possible.  Home insurance is a critical component of your overall financial picture.  As your most substantial investment, you want to make sure that it is safe regardless of the situations thrown at it from fires to injuries to all liability concerns in between, and Murvay Insurance wants to be there with you to help make that coverage a reality.