How Flexible Is Auto Insurance?

Let’s face it; your needs change over time. As such, it’s essential that you can achieve flexibility in all areas of your life, especially regarding your car insurance policy. That being said, many consumers may not know whether or not their auto insurance policy is flexible, making it harder to navigate changes as they come. If you’re looking into auto insurance in the Newport Beach, CA, area, let Murvay Insurance walk you through what to expect with your policy before we help you find the right choice for your needs. 

How Flexible Is Auto Insurance Initially?

Auto insurance is something you need to protect yourself on the road, so customization is a crucial element of this coverage that you can expect when shopping for policies. Whether you want coverage that meets your basic needs, add-ons that help you expand your coverage, or are even looking into insurance bundles that can help you cover multiple properties and assets at once, there’s auto insurance coverage designed for everyone out there. Most insurance providers are flexible and will work with you to provide you with coverage that’s as unique as you are.  

Can I Make Changes at Any Time? 

Customization and flexibility are important when purchasing a policy, but they’re equally important aspects of car insurance should things turn on a dime. Can you make changes whenever you want to your policy? While the answer will vary depending on your circumstances and provider, the general consensus is a resounding yes. All you have to do to make changes to your policy is to reach out to your insurance agent and explain the necessary changes. Then, changes should take effect immediately or almost immediately. This gives you the freedom to alter your policy without having to wait months or years to get the support you deserve.

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Shopping for car insurance in the Newport Beach, CA, area and other areas we serve might seem daunting, given all the choices available, but we make it easy. Compare quotes with us today to find the perfect policy that helps you drive with confidence!

What can happen if I dont carry auto insurance in California?

Why Auto Insurance is Essential in Newport Beach, CA

For Newport Beach, CA, residents who own a car, insurance for it is not only a convenience but a necessity. Having car insurance in this part of California ensures your mobility and gives you the freedom to explore local beaches and other amenities. However, ignoring the need for car insurance could invite various undesirable outcomes.

Risking Vehicle Loss

One of the main focuses of maintaining auto insurance coverage is to secure yourself against possible vehicle loss. In scenarios involving accidents or theft, if you don’t have insurance, you are responsible for the considerable expense of repair or replacement. Hold an insurance policy, and you have financial support. Without one, your savings will need to cover the loss.

Legal Implications

Driving without insurance can lead to legal penalties. California law mandates auto insurance for all drivers. Failure to have insurance, especially if you have car loans, may result in penalties. Those who neglect these requirements and get caught can face considerable consequences.

When you are a car owner in the Newport Beach, CA area, it’s pivotal to ensure proper auto insurance. As you search for an ideal policy, consider reaching out to our team at Murvay Insurance. The professionals at Murvay Insurance fully grasp the importance of this coverage and will provide you with the necessary assistance to devise a new policy. With our help, you can adequately cover yourself and your vehicle.

Are There Accidents in Newport Beach, CA Where You’re Automatically at Fault?

When accidents occur in Newport Beach, CA, and surrounding areas, there’s always a question of fault. Some people believe that certain types of accidents automatically assign fault to one party or another. At Murvay Insurance, we strive to deal with claims fairly and responsibly. Because of that, we want to shed some light on this myth of automatic fault.

Difference Between Fault and No-Fault States

The first thing to understand is that California isn’t a no-fault state. In a no-fault state, insurance companies typically pay out for their client’s damages, no matter who was at fault in the accident.

As an at-fault state, California insurance companies must pay damages for their client if that client bears the majority responsibility or fault for the accident. Because fault will go wholly with one party or the other rather than being split, there are some circumstances where automatic fault will typically fall.

Types of Accidents Where People Assume Automatic Fault

Some of the most common types of automatic fault situations include:

  • Rear-end collisions occur because the following vehicle has a duty to follow at a safe distance and pay attention.
  • Running a red light or stop sign, because this violates the law and creates accident conditions
  • Driving under the influence violates the law, impairs driving ability, and creates a considerable accident probability.

Generally, if there’s negligence on behalf of a driver, then that driver will likely take on the fault for the accident.

What Happens When There’s Equal Fault

Circumstances where parties all bear an equal or nearly equal amount of fault can happen. Under those circumstances, the insurance companies for all parties will have to pay damages.

For this reason, it’s important not to assume fault if there’s any degree of doubt. If you want to know more about how fault works in Newport Beach, CA car accidents, contact Murvay Insurance today.

Why Does Age Impact Car Insurance?

Car Insurance For an Accident with a Newer Driver

When a mom clings to the overhead handle as they are being driven to the doctor’s office, it’s a hint. When siblings and friends hide their faces in their hands as they are being driven to the mall, it’s a hint. Young people are curious to see how fast something goes and if it compares to the vehicles in their video games. We get it. 

Young people don’t recognize that the need for speed costs you. For instance, if you’re caught doing 140 in a 35, the judge will take away your license. Forever. If you’re exceeding the speed limit and hit someone, your insurance should be enough to cover the damages and medical costs. Murvay Insurance Newport Beach, CA wants you to know more about age and auto insurance. New drivers are out on the road every day.

Car Insurance For an Accident with a Mature Driver

On the other side of the coin is the little old grandma who drives 20 mph on the extreme right side of the road. Grandpa isn’t much better, but at least he drives the speed limit. If mature eyes or reflexes aren’t in good shape, drivers tend to drive more slowly. It is important to be insured against the unexpected. One slow lane change could mean a totaled vehicle.

About That Insurance

Insurance is about ensuring the money is there to pay for damages and medical costs if an accident happens. Young drivers don’t think about consequences; they want to have fun. More mature drivers may not be as sharp as they once were. These are a few obstacles we must overcome every day out on the road. It is important to have the right coverage when driving.

Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA understands that everyone of all ages needs the proper insurance. Give us a call or drop by to learn more about it. Our team is standing by to help you find a policy for any situation.

Tips to prepare your car for a storm

The weather in Newport Beach, CA can be stormy regularly, so it’s essential to ensure your car is ready for them. Here are some tips from us at Murvay Insurance to help you prepare your car for a storm: 

1. Ensure your tires have plenty of treads and are correctly inflated. During a snowstorm, proper tire inflation and tread will help you drive more safely and efficiently on slippery roads. 

2. Check all of your lights and replace any burned-out bulbs. These will become especially important during low visibility conditions caused by a snowstorm. 

3. Top off all of the fluids in your car, like oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, etc. This will help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly during the storm without hiccups due to cold temperatures or other weather-related problems. 

4. Make sure your battery is charged and in good condition so it won’t give you any trouble when you need it most during the storm. 

5. Stock up on emergency items like blankets, flashlights, flares, first aid kits, and other supplies that could come in handy in case of an emergency situation during the storm. 

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your car is ready for the coming winter storms! For more tips or to explore an auto policy to cover your vehicle, call us at Murvay Insurance today. We are proud to serve the Newport Beach, CA area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget. So don’t delay! Call today!

Teens on the Road and Recommended Insurance Practices

Many questions arise when it’s time for teen drivers to begin hitting the road. Parents and guardians likely wonder which options best protect teen drivers on and off the road. Anyone in the Newport Beach, CA area can count on Murvay Insurance to provide the insight and recommendations necessary to get the ideal coverage.

Teen Driver Insurance 

There are two basic options for choosing insurance coverage for teen drivers. Parents and guardians can put their teen on their own insurance policy, or they can purchase a separate teen driver insurance policy. There are several points to consider based on individual circumstances when selecting. It’s essential to understand that insurance coverage changes are significant when teen drivers are added to a policy. This change occurs because teen drivers have a much higher risk factor for collisions and other events than adult drivers. This consideration is why many parents and guardians have a separate policy for teen drivers. However, other households may add a teen driver to an existing policy.

For more information and insight, individuals can contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable insurance agents for more details. They can sit down with each client to individually assess their situation to understand all the factors. Based on their assessment, they can recommend certain options for clients to consider. Once a decision is reached, agents can help secure the policy or make amendments to an existing policy. Additionally, they can also provide support if there is a claim.

Reach Out Today 

Residents of the Newport Beach, CA area can turn to Murvay Insurance to provide them with the customer support and insurance options they need to protect teen drivers. Call or stop by our office today to speak to one of our insurance agents and get started with coverage options that meet your specific situation.

Is roadside assistance part of auto insurance?

When you contact Murvay Insurance for auto insurance, you’ll get the help you need to add to your auto policy to protect you while you drive. The insurance required by the state of California only protects the other drivers on the road and their vehicles; we can customize your coverage to add items like roadside assistance.

Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Policy

When you add items like roadside assistance, comprehensive, and collision coverage to your auto insurance, your policy will protect your vehicle and others on the road. In this case, roadside assistance coverage means your insurance coverage includes payment for a tow truck to assist you wherever your vehicle breaks down – whether you’re in Newport Beach, CA, or driving up the coast to Oregon. The coverage costs little and adds to the safety provided by your insurance policy.

What Kinds of Things Does Roadside Assistance Provide?

If you run out of gas while driving, you phone the toll-free number for the roadside assistance dispatcher, and a tow truck delivers a gallon of gas to you so you can make it to the gas station. Other common covered scenarios include roadside help changing a tire or a tow truck to haul your vehicle to a garage in cases of an accident or a flat that did axel damage. If you lock yourself out of your car, call the toll-free number, and dispatch sends a locksmith.

Contact Murvay Insurance

Contact Murvay Insurance for more information on adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance. You can add this helpful coverage to any auto policy.

Is there a benefit that comes with auto insurance protection in California?

The Newport Beach, CA area continues to offer many opportunities and fun amenities for people in the area to enjoy. Having a car will make it easier for anyone to enjoy all it offers. If you purchase a vehicle in this area, having insurance would be a good idea. Various benefits come when you do have an auto insurance plan. 

Reduce Your Liability Risks

One important reason to get an auto insurance policy is to reduce liability risks. There is always a chance someone could cause an accident while driving a car. If this occurs, having an auto insurance plan will be helpful as it will give financial support if you are liable for accident damages. 

Ensure Vehicle is Covered

You also will want to have an auto insurance plan to ensure your vehicle is covered. If you buy a car, you will want to know that it is protected. A great way that this can be done is by investing in an auto insurance plan. With this coverage, you will get the support you need to replace the car if you incur a loss due to theft or accident damage. 

Car owners all over the Newport Beach, CA area must always carry auto insurance. As you are looking for a way to insure your vehicle, it would be helpful to call Murvay Insurance. Many choices come with picking an insurance plan, and Murvay Insurance will give you any guidance you need to build your next plan. This will comfort you knowing that you and your car are properly covered. 

Will auto insurance cover the damage I caused to my own property?

Most would agree that auto insurance has many benefits. Of course, auto liability coverage provides compensation for the damage you may cause to other people’s property and vehicles and personal injury coverage. Conversely, comprehensive and collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle. However, auto insurance doesn’t cover damage to your property. Our Newport Beach CA team at Murvay Insurance understands that all the elements of auto insurance may not be understood by many drivers and are committed to educating Newport Beach, CA drivers. 

What’s Covered under a Standard Auto Insurance Policy?

A standard auto insurance policy provides medical, property, and liability coverage. Auto insurance falls into three basic categories: liability, comprehensive, and collision, although there are additional forms of auto insurance. Liability coverage pays for damage or injury you cause to someone else’s property, vehicle, or body. Comprehensive and collision insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. Every state sets its minimum limits when it comes to auto insurance. These are the auto insurance limits that every driver must maintain to drive in the state they reside in legally.

Other Considerations

However, if you are a homeowner, damage caused to your property is covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies. If you don’t own a home or don’t have homeowners insurance, you don’t have coverage for damage to your property. However, one of our agents at Murvay Insurance may be able to help you find insurance that could be used to cover personal property damage. Our Newport Beach, CA team knows that drivers have questions regarding what’s covered under an auto insurance policy, and we’re here to answer those questions. Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Do I Need Insurance Before Buying A New Car?

In the state of California, you are required to have proof of insurance whenever you operate your vehicle. Acceptable forms of proof include a physical insurance card or a digital copy on your mobile phone. You should be able to produce proof of coverage on the spot anytime it is required by a law enforcement officer or when an accident occurs.

California’s Car Insurance Grace Period

California has a new car insurance grace period of 30 days, so you will not be required to provide proof of insurance as soon as you leave the car lot. This means that you have 30 days from the date of purchase to obtain auto insurance coverage for your new car and provide it to the state DMV. If your previous vehicle was covered under an existing policy, the grace period is extended to 45 days for coverage on your new car. The professionals at Murvay Insurance of Newport Beach CA are available for any questions you have regarding the California car insurance grace period.

Getting Car Insurance Before Buying A Car

However, it is important to note that you are not protected in the event of an accident during the grace period. If you are involved in an automobile accident during the grace period and you do not have insurance coverage, you may be held personally liable for any related costs to that accident. Therefore, you may want to consider buying insurance before you purchase your new car.

Purchasing car insurance before you buy a new car is just as simple as picking out your new car. All you have to do is contact an insurance company and pay for the new policy.

While you may be in a hurry, it is not in your best interest to make a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Obtaining the right coverage requires careful planning and comparison shopping. When you are ready to find the coverage you need, contact Murvay Insurance of Newport Beach, CA for more information.