Insuring Your Newport Beach Home

It’s hard to explain the Southern California lifestyle to those in other parts of the country. Still, Newport Beach, CA is an iconic destination point for those wishing to visit the area.  For homeowners who call this beach community home, purchasing home insurance from a trusted insurance broker is the key to protecting your property and protecting your investment.  Here at Murvay Insurance, we make insuring your Newport Beach, CA home easy, so you can leave that house and enjoy the southern California lifestyle.

Insuring Your Newport Beach, CA Home

Home insurance is your buffer against a host of liabilities.  To begin with, a property liability policy will cover damage to your home owing to a range of reasons.  However, you will want to sit down with our Murvay Insurance agents to discuss specific coverage, and whether a standard policy will cover your needs. 

A dwelling policy protects your home against damages caused by the ravages of Mother Nature.  This policy will help you repair your house, should it be damaged.  Typically speaking, flood and fire insurance requires a separate home owner’s policy, and we can certainly make sure that you have the coverage you need in either of those events.

Finally, a comprehensive home insurance policy will protect you against liability claims should someone get hurt or injured on your property.  This coverage will pay for resultant medical expenses as well as any legal fees you might incur if an injured guest decides to sue you and your family.

Contact Our Friendly Team at Murvay Insurance

If you have questions about protecting your Newport Beach, CA property, we have friendly insurance agents looking forward to answering those questions, so you can make the most informed decision possible.  Home insurance is a critical component of your overall financial picture.  As your most substantial investment, you want to make sure that it is safe regardless of the situations thrown at it from fires to injuries to all liability concerns in between, and Murvay Insurance wants to be there with you to help make that coverage a reality.