Is roadside assistance part of auto insurance?

When you contact Murvay Insurance for auto insurance, you’ll get the help you need to add to your auto policy to protect you while you drive. The insurance required by the state of California only protects the other drivers on the road and their vehicles; we can customize your coverage to add items like roadside assistance.

Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Policy

When you add items like roadside assistance, comprehensive, and collision coverage to your auto insurance, your policy will protect your vehicle and others on the road. In this case, roadside assistance coverage means your insurance coverage includes payment for a tow truck to assist you wherever your vehicle breaks down – whether you’re in Newport Beach, CA, or driving up the coast to Oregon. The coverage costs little and adds to the safety provided by your insurance policy.

What Kinds of Things Does Roadside Assistance Provide?

If you run out of gas while driving, you phone the toll-free number for the roadside assistance dispatcher, and a tow truck delivers a gallon of gas to you so you can make it to the gas station. Other common covered scenarios include roadside help changing a tire or a tow truck to haul your vehicle to a garage in cases of an accident or a flat that did axel damage. If you lock yourself out of your car, call the toll-free number, and dispatch sends a locksmith.

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