What can happen if I dont carry auto insurance in California?

Why Auto Insurance is Essential in Newport Beach, CA

For Newport Beach, CA, residents who own a car, insurance for it is not only a convenience but a necessity. Having car insurance in this part of California ensures your mobility and gives you the freedom to explore local beaches and other amenities. However, ignoring the need for car insurance could invite various undesirable outcomes.

Risking Vehicle Loss

One of the main focuses of maintaining auto insurance coverage is to secure yourself against possible vehicle loss. In scenarios involving accidents or theft, if you don’t have insurance, you are responsible for the considerable expense of repair or replacement. Hold an insurance policy, and you have financial support. Without one, your savings will need to cover the loss.

Legal Implications

Driving without insurance can lead to legal penalties. California law mandates auto insurance for all drivers. Failure to have insurance, especially if you have car loans, may result in penalties. Those who neglect these requirements and get caught can face considerable consequences.

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