What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

As a homeowner, you may live in an area prone to flooding which may create the need to purchase flood insurance. Flood insurance can provide additional benefits beyond homeowner’s insurance if you’re a homeowner faced with this situation. Our team at Murvay Insurance of Newport Beach, CA understands how devastating flood damage can be. We’re here to help by educating consumers on the benefits of flood insurance.

The ABC’s
Flood insurance is fairly straightforward in that it covers anything in your home or the structure of your home that was damaged as a result of flooding. This can include an overflowing sewer if it occurred as a direct result of a flood. Flood insurance isn’t a part of a homeowner’s insurance policy and must be purchased separately. It is mostly administered through the National Flood Insurance Program/ FEMA and is available in 23,000 participating NFIP communities. 

Flood insurance covers your home or business and its foundation. It will also cover both your electrical and plumbing systems. Your HVAC system is also covered under your flood insurance policy. Damage to appliances is also a covered item. Flood insurance will also cover your furniture, curtains, carpeting, and your personal belongings. Valuables can be covered up to certain limits. You may need to purchase additional insurance or special insurance for coverage if rare or valuable items. Flood insurance also covers the loss of food in your freezers and refrigerators that resulted from water damage to your fridge or freezer. The clearing and cleaning of your property after a flood is also covered.

The Most Common Natural Disaster in the United States
Flooding is a real threat that is fairly common. As a result, flood insurance is a wise investment for anyone who lives in a flood zone or an area that has been known to flood from time to time. Murvay Insurance of Newport Beach, CA understands the importance of educating homeowners about the benefits of flood insurance. Visit us online or give us a call for more information.