What commercial insurance covers in California

Commercial insurance covers several risks associated with running a business, including liability, property damage and loss, equipment damage or breakdowns, cyber hacks and data breaches, employee injuries or illness, workers’ compensation claims, and more. Commercial insurance can also protect businesses from financial losses due to natural disasters or unexpected legal issues that could disrupt operations.

Depending on the type of business you have and the policies you choose to purchase, you may be able to get coverage for specific areas like product liability or professional services errors and omissions. Depending on your particular needs, you can add other coverages to your policy. For example, most commercial insurance policies include general liability coverage designed to protect businesses from third-party claims and lawsuits related to bodily injury or property damage, advertising injury, medical payments, and personal & advertising injury. Other types of coverage that may be included in a commercial insurance policy are business interruption, equipment breakdown, cyber liability, employment practices liability, and more.

Commercial insurance policies are tailored to meet the needs of each individual business based on their operations, customer risks, and more. Business owners need to understand all the different coverages available to ensure they have the best protection for their business. Working with an experienced independent agent or broker will help ensure that your policy is up-to-date with all the protection you need. Commercial insurance gives businesses peace of mind knowing they’re covered if an incident shuts operations down.

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Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

Home insurance is a necessity for everyone who owns a home. No homeowner should ever be without it for even a day. If you are about to buy a home, you need to get a home policy into place right away. Whether you’re buying a home or want to change insurance agencies for your policy, you can call us at Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA to get started. 

Protection for the Home

There are many types of protection that you get with a home insurance policy, and dwelling protection is one of the most important. This covers the dwelling and will pay for the repairs when a covered damaging event happens to the home. Repairs can be costly, and many homeowners would have a hard time paying for them without the help of a home policy. It can even pay for rebuilding if your home is destroyed. 

Protection for Belongings

It isn’t just the investment you’ve made in your home that you need to protect; it’s also the investment you’ve made in your belongings. With home insurance, the items inside your home are also covered by the insurance. A covered damaging event that destroys your belongings could be tough to pay for without a home policy. With a policy, it will pay for you to replace your items. 

Liability Protection

Home insurance also protects your liability in case someone gets injured in your home. This is also important because you could be responsible for high medical bills after an accident. You need this coverage for financial protection and peace of mind.

Cover Your Home

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Is roadside assistance part of auto insurance?

When you contact Murvay Insurance for auto insurance, you’ll get the help you need to add to your auto policy to protect you while you drive. The insurance required by the state of California only protects the other drivers on the road and their vehicles; we can customize your coverage to add items like roadside assistance.

Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Policy

When you add items like roadside assistance, comprehensive, and collision coverage to your auto insurance, your policy will protect your vehicle and others on the road. In this case, roadside assistance coverage means your insurance coverage includes payment for a tow truck to assist you wherever your vehicle breaks down – whether you’re in Newport Beach, CA, or driving up the coast to Oregon. The coverage costs little and adds to the safety provided by your insurance policy.

What Kinds of Things Does Roadside Assistance Provide?

If you run out of gas while driving, you phone the toll-free number for the roadside assistance dispatcher, and a tow truck delivers a gallon of gas to you so you can make it to the gas station. Other common covered scenarios include roadside help changing a tire or a tow truck to haul your vehicle to a garage in cases of an accident or a flat that did axel damage. If you lock yourself out of your car, call the toll-free number, and dispatch sends a locksmith.

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Contact Murvay Insurance for more information on adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance. You can add this helpful coverage to any auto policy.

What kind of commercial insurance do you need?

More than 20 commercial policy types exist. Which do you need?

At Murvay Insurance, we offer a wide array of commercial insurance to help you protect your Newport Beach, CA business. Commercial insurance sounds misleadingly like a single policy when it refers to a category of policies. More than 20 types of small businesses exist, but your business won’t require every kind of policy.

  • Business owner’s policy (BOP): nearly every business acquires this bundle of four common policies that costs less than the policies would separately.
  • Business interruption: reimburses a business’ lost income when a named peril causes temporary closure.
  • Commercial auto: the business version of auto insurance.
  • Builder’s risk/Construction: used when you need to renovate or remodel an existing business structure or construct a new one.
  • Crime policy: protection from loss due to burglary, theft, or robbery.
  • Debris removal: covers debris removal costs post-peril.
  • Directors’ & officers’ liability: covers a business’ legal costs and settlement if a party sues the board of directors or C-level officers.
  • Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown: covers equipment repair or replacement and the losses from business interruption.
  • Errors & omissions (E & O): covers court costs and settlements arising from mistakes in product manufacturing.
  • Glass: replaces plate glass and broken windows.
  • Inland Marine: protects third-party items transported by your business.
  • Liability: covers court costs and lawsuits from those injured at your business.
  • Malpractice/Professional Liability: covers court costs and lawsuits when an individual incurs an injury because a medical professional does not meet the "proper standard of care."
  • Law/Ordinance: covers the cost of a company to reconstruct a damaged property to meet building code standards after a peril caused irreparable damage.
  • Property insurance: pays for real property damage by a named peril.
  • Tenant’s insurance: pays for building repair when the leasee made building improvements, but the landlord’s employees damaged it.
  • Workers’ compensation: every state requires this medical insurance that protects employees when injured on the job.

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Insure your California Home Against Wildfires

Wildfire season seems to be both regular and alarming for modern California. While we can’t always control nature, we can take charge of doing our best to keep our home safe and family protected during this time. Murvay Insurance serves Newport Beach, CA, and wants to provide you with some safety tips for your home this fire season. Check out these ideas inspired by California’s Department of Insurance.

Structural Fire Safety

Make sure your home is safeguarded from fire. You can add many fire-safe features to your structure, such as a fire-resistant roof, ember-resistant vents, and non-combustible exterior wall bases. In addition to providing fire protection, these retrofits can often help reduce your insurance premiums as part of a comprehensive home insurance policy with wildfire coverage.

Landscape Fire Safety

Dried-out plants and wooden debris are essentially kindling to a wildfire. Don’t feed the flames. Instead, learn how to create a fire-resistant zone around your home and outbuildings. Clear combustible materials for at least 30 feet from your physical house. Trim trees, cut back trailing vines, and tear down that old rickety shed. In addition to reducing fire danger, you might also gain the added bonus of increased curb appeal.

Community Fire Safety

Communities are safer with a dedicated fire and emergency plan. Make sure your community understands the clear paths to evacuation in the event a fire approaches. Work with city, county, and forestry officials to minimize fire risk through cleanup events and reduce fire hazards such as backyard pits or fireworks. Utilize a system of volunteers to help lead efforts should an evacuation happen.

Review your fire insurance and make sure your policy is up to date. Contact Murvay Insurance serving Newport Beach, CA today!

Is there a benefit that comes with auto insurance protection in California?

The Newport Beach, CA area continues to offer many opportunities and fun amenities for people in the area to enjoy. Having a car will make it easier for anyone to enjoy all it offers. If you purchase a vehicle in this area, having insurance would be a good idea. Various benefits come when you do have an auto insurance plan. 

Reduce Your Liability Risks

One important reason to get an auto insurance policy is to reduce liability risks. There is always a chance someone could cause an accident while driving a car. If this occurs, having an auto insurance plan will be helpful as it will give financial support if you are liable for accident damages. 

Ensure Vehicle is Covered

You also will want to have an auto insurance plan to ensure your vehicle is covered. If you buy a car, you will want to know that it is protected. A great way that this can be done is by investing in an auto insurance plan. With this coverage, you will get the support you need to replace the car if you incur a loss due to theft or accident damage. 

Car owners all over the Newport Beach, CA area must always carry auto insurance. As you are looking for a way to insure your vehicle, it would be helpful to call Murvay Insurance. Many choices come with picking an insurance plan, and Murvay Insurance will give you any guidance you need to build your next plan. This will comfort you knowing that you and your car are properly covered. 

Required Commercial Insurance in California

Certain commercial insurance policies are required when you own a business in California. There are two types in the state that many companies are required to have to stay legal. If you have a California business, it’s essential to know what these are and whether your business needs them. Call us at Murvay Insurance in Newport Beach, CA to get your commercial insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If your business has any employees at all, even just one, you are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for them. This is true whether the employees are part-time or full-time. This insurance gives your business coverage in case an employee has an accident at work and gets injured or develops a work-related illness. When this happens, this insurance will pay for their medical bills and other costs like lost wages so that your business won’t have to. It’s effective protection for your business, and it protects your employees as well. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

When you have a business that owns a vehicle, you are required to have commercial auto insurance. This policy must have different amounts of coverage to give you different kinds of protection. A specific minimum amount is required for one person who becomes injured in an accident for your bodily injury liability. There is another amount required for bodily injury liability for all injured people in an accident you caused. There is also an amount required to pay for the damage done to the other party’s property for property damage liability. All of these minimum amounts are very low when compared to other states. Getting a higher amount than the state’s minimum is generally recommended. 

Get Your Business Covered

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Will Home Insurance Cover Structures Not Attached to My House?

When most people think of their home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the main structure, the house itself. However, in insurance, the home is far more complex than a single structure.

California homeowners often ask themselves what exactly their home insurance covers. Murvay Insurance can help them answer that question and any other questions related to home insurance.

What is covered by home insurance?

The primary type of homeowners policy sold in California has two main sections divided into several sub-categories. The first section can be thought of as the property coverage section. The second section covers liability. We will focus on the property coverage section to answer the question of detached structures.

What is covered by property insurance?

This section has two sub-categories: Dwelling and Other Structures.

Dwelling coverage is designed to protect your home from damages that may occur due to a covered peril. Covered perils include fire, lightning, windstorm, and hail. They also have certain types of vandalism.

Note: Some companies do not cover all of the example perils listed above. Always pay close attention to the exclusions that are listed in your policy.

Other Structures coverage is designed to protect your other structures not attached to your home. Things considered Other Structures include fences, sheds, outbuildings, and guest houses. These structures are protected against the same perils as your home. However, Other Structure’s coverage typically limits a certain percentage of your home’s coverage.

Are you a California resident with another question about home insurance? Reach out to the experts at Murvay Insurance today!

Will auto insurance cover the damage I caused to my own property?

Most would agree that auto insurance has many benefits. Of course, auto liability coverage provides compensation for the damage you may cause to other people’s property and vehicles and personal injury coverage. Conversely, comprehensive and collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle. However, auto insurance doesn’t cover damage to your property. Our Newport Beach CA team at Murvay Insurance understands that all the elements of auto insurance may not be understood by many drivers and are committed to educating Newport Beach, CA drivers. 

What’s Covered under a Standard Auto Insurance Policy?

A standard auto insurance policy provides medical, property, and liability coverage. Auto insurance falls into three basic categories: liability, comprehensive, and collision, although there are additional forms of auto insurance. Liability coverage pays for damage or injury you cause to someone else’s property, vehicle, or body. Comprehensive and collision insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. Every state sets its minimum limits when it comes to auto insurance. These are the auto insurance limits that every driver must maintain to drive in the state they reside in legally.

Other Considerations

However, if you are a homeowner, damage caused to your property is covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies. If you don’t own a home or don’t have homeowners insurance, you don’t have coverage for damage to your property. However, one of our agents at Murvay Insurance may be able to help you find insurance that could be used to cover personal property damage. Our Newport Beach, CA team knows that drivers have questions regarding what’s covered under an auto insurance policy, and we’re here to answer those questions. Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Benefits of Commercial Insurance In Newport Beach, CA

It is more important than ever to have commercial insurance in today’s world. All sized businesses can benefit from the coverage that commercial insurance provides.

Here’s a look at some advantages commercial insurance can provide for companies in Newport Beach, CA:

1. Protect Your Business Investment

The first and most apparent benefit of commercial insurance is that it protects your business investment. No matter what type of business you have, your equipment, inventory, and property are valuable investments. If something happens to them, commercial insurance can help you recover the cost of repairs or replacement.

2. Safeguard Your Business from Liability

Another significant benefit of commercial insurance is safeguarding your business from liability. If someone sustains an injury on your property or one of your products, they could hold you liable. This means you will pay any medical bills or other damages incurred by the injured party. Commercial insurance can help cover these costs, protecting your business from financial ruin.

A Murvay Insurance agent can help you find the right commercial insurance policy for your business. Contact us today to learn more about commercial insurance and how it can benefit your business.

3. Peace of Mind

Finally, commercial insurance can reduce stress. When you know your business is protected from the risks mentioned above, you can relax and focus on growing your business. Commercial insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered in case of a disaster.

These are just a few benefits that commercial insurance can provide for businesses in Newport Beach, CA. If you’re looking for reliable coverage for your business, contact Murvay Insurance today. We’ll work with you to find the policy that fits your needs.